Peace of mind while away

Are you often pulled away from home and left perplexed with whom to care for your pets and the security of your home?

You want to...

Go away with peace of mind knowing that your pets and your house are in good hands in your absence.

Be able to enjoy your time away rather than stress over it.

Return home to energetic and loving pets and a tidy, well-taken care of home.

Have a trustworthy and experienced person come into your home and care for your pets.

At While Away, We understand.

We understand the anxiety that can come with leaving your pets and your home because we have all felt it ourselves. It should be a fun experience but is often stressful and nerve-racking. You no longer need to worry about your pets or your home while you are away. You can enjoy this time to the fullest and know that all is well in your absence. We take the stress out of leaving home because your pets and your house are in experienced hands.

Want to know if our pet and house care services are right for you?

How It Works